Roku vs Chromecast
The Roku XDS 1080p Streaming player is a very small device that you hook up to your TV. Utilizing your current high-speed connection to the internet, you can watch an almost endless array of videos, TV programs, sports entertainment, songs and pictures – on demand.
Set-up is normally quick and easy, and doesn’t need a personal computer. Just hook it up, get connected to your home network, and have fun!
One more great feature of the Roku player is the Instant Replay Key which permits you to skip back in ten second jumps without any delay.
Bundled along with the Roku Streaming Payer are a handheld control, connectors, together with everything you need to start off immediately, right out of the package.
Connect with your active monthly subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon On Demand, or view no fee internet streaming material from Pandora, Flickr and YouTube.
The Roku Streaming player is well liked by consumers.
Many say that the Roku is an increasingly desirable alternative to cable television – saving them money on their monthly bills.
People likewise are nearly all in agreement with the claim that it takes only minutes to set up, and that it is simple to work with, even for the most technically challenged!
The superior quality of the internet streaming is another favourable comment by customers, including those with slower Internet connections.
One owner expressed surprise at the fact that he was not able to obtain dependable streaming on his PC, but with the help of the Roku box, using the same Internet connection, he could watch movies without interference!
A few said that despite the fact that content was a little limited for the time being, they could see great potential later on when additional content and features will probably be added.

A number of shoppers said that having no “power” switch, either on the box itself, or on the handheld remote control was an issue.
A few individuals had difficulties installing the box using their wireless system, and some described “jerky” streaming.
The ease of set up seemed to be agreed upon even in the unfavourable evaluations, however they also said that it requires a while to set up the different user profiles (eg Netflix, Hulu Plus and so on).
A few commented on the lack of content obtainable, but this is more a problem with the content providers than the box itself.
A reoccurring grievance appears to be the inadequate customer service from Roku any time there have been issues.
One person said that the Roku box had great potential, but that it is too “buggy” right now, with additional work needing to be done on the user interface, the lack of functionality with the USB connection and also the quality of the image.
So, if you want instantaneous access to hours of entertainment, simple and fast installation, in a compact and very discreet little box, the Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p is made for you.

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